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Scientists Propose Mealworms As Protein Source of the Future, Soylent Green Suddenly Not Sounding So Bad

Be it a slice or ten of bacon in the morning or a good steak for dinner, most meat shares a common bond -- it is pretty awesome to eat. While this is clearly the best thing about meat, it is also one of the biggest knocks against it. Since meat is awesome, everyone wants to eat it. Taken alongside the fact that meat takes a significant amount of time, energy, and resources to get as awesome as it is, that means that while meat is  awesome, it is actually a pretty inefficient and unsustainable way to feed a lot of people. A pair of researchers at Wageningen University in the Netherlands has proposed a new way to get cheap, nutritious, lean protein into the diets of people worldwide -- by turning mealworms into the mainstream meat of tomorrow.

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Pig Chase Is a Co-Op Video Game for Pigs and Humans

Pig Chase is a co-op video game concept for people to play with pigs. Why, you ask? Why not? Actually, the reality behind it is a little less philosophical and a little more practical, but just slightly. As it turns out, the Netherlands requires farmers to equip their pig pens with some sort of entertainment device. Traditionally, this is something like a ball on a chain or something else equally mundane. During a conversation with some pig farmers, philosopher Clemens Driessen started brainstorming entertainment alternatives and Pig Chase was born.

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