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Monday Cute: Little Girl’s Reaction to Rocket Liftoff Proves This Is How You Get Kids Into Science

Oh my goodness.

Getting kids into science is a lot easier than people make it out to be, because science is freaking amazing. Just look at this cute kid react to a "rocket ship" taking off for outer space and tell me she's not going to work for NASA some day. She can barely even handle her excitement. (To be fair, I'm 30 years old and this is still pretty much how I react to rockets taking off.)

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Peter Capaldi Appears on The One Show, Answers Jenna Coleman Exit Rumors

And continues to steal our hearts.

The BBC has been understandably tight-lipped about Jenna Coleman's rumored exit from Doctor Who, which has been making the Internet rounds. New Doctor Peter Capaldi was asked point-blank about his co-star's Christmastime exit on BBC One's The One Show, and he teased that he's not even sure she'll make it that far. Watch the full interview after the jump.

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Reminder That the Ocean Is Full of Horrors: Watch a Giant Fish Swallow a Shark

Point made already, Qui-Gon, jeez.

What's that, Jaws? Don't go in the water? Yeah, that's pretty solid advice when you consider that somewhere under that water are fish that can eat sharks in a single bite. I think he was trying to send these fishing humans a message: get out of my house.

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Do You Exist? Are You Sure? TED-Ed Explains How You Know You’re Real

Yeah, but like, do you really exist tho?

How do you know you're really you and not the figment of some evil genius demon's imagination? This TED-Ed video breaks down the often oversimplified Descartes statement "I think, therefor I am," to convince you that you do, in fact, exist. Now they just need to make a follow video about solipsism to convince me that everyone else exists too.

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The “Smile B****” Training Camp”: Never Ruin A Man’s Day With Your Sad Face Again! [Video]


I suspect that for many of our readers (I'm tempted to say especially those who live in larger cities, although let's be honest, chauvinistic stupidity knows no geographical bounds), being ordered to smile by strange men is at least a daily occurrence.

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AsapSCIENCE Explains How Much Sleep We Actually Need [Video]

Shut up! You're not my mom!

This video is, no pun intended, a wake-up call. If you're one of the countless people who scoff at the necessity of getting eight solid hours of sleep every night, AsapSCIENCE is here to warn you about the harm that might do your brain and body--unless you're a mutant, that is.

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Dorkly Asks Who’s Faster: Superman Or The Flash [VIDEO]

Strongbad? Is that you?

Which DC hero is faster? I'm not sure, but I definitely know who's the biggest jerk. Hint: it's both of you. I sentence Superman and The Flash to a two-legged race, at regular, non-hyperbolic speeds. Nothing is faster than teamwork.

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Video Recaps Lord of the Rings In Under 90 Seconds

Can we knock out the Silmarillion in a solid fifteen?

Mashable has released this animation that explains "everything you need to know about most epic trilogy of all time, in the time it takes to microwave popcorn." The video makes some great points about the correlation between beauty and virtue in the movies, but by the beard of Durin, when was the last time anyone thought about Hidalgo?

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Are There Rules for Spoilers? Should There Be?

Spoiler alert! Probably not.

Personally, I believe in a statute of limitations, whereby you no longer have to feel responsible for not spoiling things after they've been around long enough, but you still shouldn't do it on purpose like a jerk. Of course, what exactly even constitutes a spoiler is different for different people, so maybe the Internet prophylactic method suggested by Emily Eifler would be a better way to go. PBS Idea Channel tried to find some other solutions. Get working on the spoiler condom, science.

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What American Actors Would Have Starred in Doctor Who? This Video Has Answers

But what color are their kidneys?

Sure, we've all speculated which actors would have played the Doctor if Doctor Who had been an American series, but this video takes it a step further and actually compiles clips and quotes from actors to piece together an alternate universe in which it actually happened, and it is fantastic.

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Frozen Is The New Black In This Dead-On Animation By Leigh Lahav

99.99% "Let It Go" free. I swear.

No one's a prison warden like Gaston!

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7-Year-Old Girl Visits Her Favorite Chemists in This Adorable Video

We should all love chemistry as much as this girl loves chemistry.

Adele Rouse got to live out every child's dream: she flew to England to visit her favorite chemists. (That's a thing all children want to do, right?) In this video Rouse visits some of the chemists behind Periodic Videos, an incredible YouTube channel that demonstrates some really incredible chemistry with humor and crazy hair.

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Seven Adorable Kittens Move in Unison, Melt Our Hearts

Your brain can't handle adorableness of this magnitude.

What is the proper course of action when you have seven kittens lined up for a photo shoot? You get them all to react to a quickly moving object in unison, of course! Just look at their perfect, deadly-precise reflexes being all cute in synchronization and stuff. D'awwwwwwww.

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AsapSCIENCE Takes on 7 Myths About the Brain

Your brain probably believes some silly things about itself.

AsapSCIENCE's latest YouTube video explains the truth behind seven common myths about our brains. Can you be "left-brained" or "right-brained"? What percentage of our brain do we really use? Does size matter? They've got the answers.

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Slide Into a Giant Toilet in Tokyo’s New Toilet Science Exhibit

You too, can become feces!

If you find yourself not too busy between now and October 5, you might want to stop by the toilet exhibit at Tokyo's science museum. I say you might want to, because sliding into a giant toilet wearing a hat that looks like poop probably isn't for everyone, no matter how many books remind us that everyone poops. Definitely don't skip the singing toilet choir, though.

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Reactions Celebrates the Fourth of July by Explaining Fireworks Chemistry

Boom goes the dynamite bursting charge and effect pellets.

It's Independence Day here in the US. That means a lot of different things to different people, but fireworks displays are pretty much a constant staple of the holiday. How do they work? The American Chemical Society's series Reactions and chemistry professor/author John A. Conkling PhD explain the chemistry behind those beautiful explosions.

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Why Did We Blow in Nintendo Cartridges? It’s Okay To Be Smart Explains

Everyone knows you just push it up and down real fast.

If your Nintendo cartridge isn't working taking it out and blowing on it gets it working again... right? It's Okay To Be Smart's Joe Hanson explains why it didn't actually do anything, and why it still made us feel better in this explanation of confirmation bias and the ad hoc fallacy.

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Three Short Films Fill in the Gap Between Rise and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Get your hands off me, you—oh, just watch them.

There's a 10-year gap between Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, so Fox has collaborated with Vice to produce short films telling what happened in between. You can watch them here (more below the jump), and they've also got a documentary called Island of the Apes, which will be out later today (trailer below the jump).

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What Would the Earth Be Like Without the Moon? Completely Bananas, Basically

Where would we get our wizards?

Everyone knows that the Moon is mostly responsible for our oceans' tides (everyone does know that, right?), but just what would happen to the Earth if we didn't have the Moon? The answer is probably a lot crazier than you'd realize, because our Moon is the largest in the solar system relative to its host planet, and it's made a lot of things we take for granted possible in the first place.

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Happy Canada Day! Here’s a Beer Fridge That Only Opens When You Sing “O Canada”

I would watch an entire movie of Bob and Doug McKenzie trying to get in this fridge.

Today is Canada Day! Molson wanted to celebrate by making Canadian citizens sing for their beer. They built a fridge, but the only way to get at the beer inside is to sing "O Canada" and to get the words right. And just in case they try this in the US any time soon, here are the lyrics to "The Star Spangled Banner" -- all of them.

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