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It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Solo Pop Stars Twice as Likely to Die Young as Those in Bands

Rock stars and pop idols are well known for their propensity to live hard, die young, and leave behind a grotesquely booze-swollen corpse. According to a study in the journal BMJ Open, though, solo music stars are twice as likely to die young as entertainers who make their name as part of a band. Presumably, this is because while being part of a band has the detrimental effect of meaning you always have someone around to help you mainline a shot of Jack, it also means that there's someone awake enough to call the amublance when that goes pretty much the only way it can.

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Today in Oxymorons: Scientists Create “Dry Water”

While not exactly the kind of just-add-water water that would snowball into a perpetual flood and turn our world into a Kevin Costner movie, scientists have created "dry water." The dry water looks a bit like an artificial sweetener because each droplet of water is encased in a silica coating, making the grain of water (take that, sand!) about 95% liquid. Due to it's ability to absorb gasses three times better than regular water, scientists suggest dry water could be used to clean up carbon dioxide and help curb global warming.

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