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Pokémon Go Protip for “Free” Steps: Get a Turntable, Apparently

For the select few folks who don't want to go outside because, well, there are people out there, then musician Rusty Cage is here for you with a bit of an interesting "hack" to get you those essential Poké-steps in Pokémon Go.

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We Want This Cat to DJ Our Next Party [Video]

It's the time of year when a lot of people are looking to book DJs for various holiday events and parties. Might we recommend just letting a cat do the honors? It seems to work pretty well in this video. Sure, the cat would almost definitely scratch whatever album you give it until it's an unplayable mess, but if this doesn't count as a valid excuse to sacrifice your vinyl then we don't know what does. So, go ahead and get Whiskers all jazzed up on catnip and set her loose on the ones and twos. It can't be any worse than listening to an entire Bob Marley album without a cat playing with the turntable.

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Kittens Lay Down Some Sick Beats [Video]

While members of the feline family may be known for their mouse-catching and purring abilities, their status as foremost amongst nature's DJs has never before been recorded. Therefore, we present to you, dear reader, an eye opening view of three kittens laying down some sick beats. (via Mashable)

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