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The Circle Hits a Few Bumps In Addressing User Accountability

On a missed opportunity in The Circle adaptation.

Despite promising an aptitude of commentary on the burgeoning omniscience of social media and surveillance, The Circle turned out to be unequipped with its handful of ideas.

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Things We Saw Today: These Official Handmaid’s Tale Character Posters Amazing

These are the kinds of posters that one might expect to be the product of fan art, yet here Hulu is grabbing at our very souls with these chilling and awesome character posters for The Handmaid's Tale. Check out the full gallery at Coming Soon. Have you checked out Offred's story yet?

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As We Descend Further Into Being a Surveillance State, Here’s a New Trailer for The Circle

Here's a new trailer for The Circle, a movie based on Dave Eggers' chilling science fiction novel of the same name.

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The Circle’s Trailer Looks Like a Super Charged Episode of Black Mirror

Tom Hanks and Emma Watson are teaming up for a dramatic thriller about privacy and technology, but something looks ... oddly familiar?

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