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It Means He Likes You: “Tailly” Lets People Know How You Really Feel in the Creepiest Way Possible

Have you ever thought to yourself that, thanks to our ability to form intelligible sentences and verbalize our current emotional state, we lost touch with those simpler primal days when such interactions were accomplished with visual cues? No, of course not, we're humans and evolution's divine providence saw to it that we ditch any superfluous appendages like tails for our own sake. One individual -- a self-proclaimed inventor by the name of Shota Ishiwatari -- seems to have a dissenting opinion on this matter since he has already begun soliciting financial backing on Indiegogo for his latest product called Tailly: A wearable tail that wags in relation to one's heart rate. We have no doubt in our minds that it will catch on in Japan, but for Western markets, Ishiwatari has plenty of convincing to do.

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