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Star Trek Beyond Editors Say Sulu Kiss Was Never Actually Filmed

Several days ago, we reported on a statement that John Cho made about the scene in Star Trek Beyond where Hikaru Sulu greets his family his daughter and husband after arriving at Yorktown Station on leave. According to Cho, there was a kiss that happened that "got cut" from the film. According to the film's editors, the ones responsible for "cutting" everything, no such kiss ever existed on film.

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Why Star Trek Beyond Couldn’t Simply Show a Gay Couple Being Gay

I loved Star Trek Beyond, and thought it spiritually similar to both TOS and TNG and a much needed course-correction after Star Trek Into Darkness. Even better, it brought some long-overdue LGBTQIA representation into the Trek universe by making Kelvin Universe Hikaru Sulu gay and giving him a husband. Yet their one scene together in the film left something to be desired. **SPOILER ALERT IF YOU WANT TO GO INTO THE FILM COMPLETELY UNSULLIED**

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George Takei Clarifies Feelings Regarding Star Trek Beyond‘s Sulu

Many of the headlines on the internet have presented George Takei's position on Star Trek Beyond's Sulu as one of disappointment and even anger at the change, but according to a Facebook post from Takei himself, those headlines were wrong.

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John Cho Says Sulu Is Explicitly Gay in Star Trek Beyond

Speaking to Australia's Herald Sun, John Cho revealed that his character in Star Trek Beyond, Hikaru Sulu, is an out gay man raising a daughter with his partner.

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John Cho Shares Some Star Trek Beyond Details About Sulu’s Daughter

Did you know that Commander Sulu has a daughter? We might learn a little bit more about her in Star Trek Beyond, according to this ET interview with John Cho and his cast-mates.

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George Takei’s Facebook “Ghostwriter” Apologizes


Rick Polito, the comedy writer behind many of the posts on George Takei's Facebook page, feels bad about "letting the tribble out of the bag" on his ghostwriting involvement for the Star Trek actor's page. He apparently sent Takei and husband Brad Altman an apology. For those of you that didn't get this news: yes, the truth can be a terrible thing. George Takei is not the only person writing jokes for his Facebook page.

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George Takei Destroys “Douchebag” Anti-Gay Politician [Video]

Clint McCance, the Arkansas school board member who leapt to national infamy after writing public Facebook comments to the effect that all gay people should commit suicide and wrote that "I also enjoy the fact that they often give each other aids and die," recently resigned from his post on-air. George Takei, a.k.a. Star Trek's Sulu, tears McCance to shreds in this "It Gets Better"-inspired video. Not only does the openly gay actor have an important message to convey about the need to stamp out bigotry: He also offers perhaps the most dignified pronouncement of the word "douchebag" as applied to McCance, in that inimitable Sulu way. Takei's first of several crisply delivered "douchebag" lines is at 0:38. (via MeFi)

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