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Study Shows People Over 55 Pick Better Passwords Than Teens

With digital information becoming the norm, passwords are more important than they've ever been. Considering that "the kids" typically pick up tech better and faster than old fogies, you might think that teens and younger people in general would understand the importance of and be better at making secure passwords. Well, you'd be wrong. According to a new study of almostĀ 70 million Yahoo! users, users over 55 are way more likely to have a secure password than users under 25.

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What Makes a Strong Password [Infographic]

Having a strong password -- a really strong password -- is getting more and more important. Of course, the strongest password in the world won't save you if it gets stolen from somewhere, but that's why you shouldn't recycle them. There are plenty of other handy tips to help you keep your data secure and this infographic from Killer Infographics can clue you in to what they are. Normally, this is where I'd insert an amusing little anecdote about the ways I make my passwords strong, but I have to keep that on the down-low. I don't want anyone trying to hack into my bank account in order to steal my tens upon tens of hard-earned dollars.

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