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Billy Dee Williams to Return as Lando Calrissian in Star Wars: Episode IX

Lando's back, baby!

Another familiar face is returning to the Star Wars universe: Billy Dee Williams will be reprising his role as Lando Calrissian in J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX. This is exciting news, as fans have been curious about Lando’s whereabouts since The Force Awakens. With the return of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark […]

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Keri Russell Eyed to Join the Cast of Star Wars: Episode IX— Let the Speculation Begin

A Felicity and Star Wars crossover? Sounds ambitious to me.

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Victoria Mahoney Is the First Black Female Star Wars Director as 2nd Unit Director on Episode IX

Star Wars: Episode IX has only just started pre-production, and there's already great news coming out of that shoot. Yesterday, Ava DuVernay announced via her Instagram that the film's director and Executive Producer, J.J. Abrams, has hired Victoria Mahoney as his 2nd unit director on the film, making her the first black woman to direct a story from a galaxy far, far away.

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What Can We Learn About J.J. Abrams and Star Wars: Episode IX From Looking at His First Masterpiece, Felicity?

Abrams is great at launching big ideas (LostCloverfield, The Force Awakens) and setting a path for others to build on his beginnings. But can he land an ending?

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J.J. Abrams Announces Completed Episode IX Script and Reveals He Really Needed a Drink Before Force Awakens

The process of making a Star War can sometimes be a little hectic. For Episode IX, however, things seem to be going a bit more smoothly. Director, producer, and co-writer of the film, J.J. Abrams, was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about how, and also about the difference between approaching Star Wars for the first time on The Force Awakens and now. You can watch the full segment after the jump!

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Relax, Star Wars: Episode IX Won’t Be a Return of the Jedi Rehash

Then again, J.J. Abrams, like the Doctor, lies.

It seems that J.J. Abrams hopes to alleviate some of those concerns.

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Things We Saw Today: Listen to Star Trek: Discovery‘s New Theme Music

Ahead of the series' premiere on September 24, CBS has released the new main title theme music for Star Trek: Discovery.

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IT’S OFFICIAL: J.J. Abrams Will Return to Direct Star Wars: Episode IX, and I’m Relieved

Ever since Colin Trevorrow was fired from directing Star Wars: Episode IX for being a douche (basically), fans have been waiting for word on which director will close out this third trilogy of the Skywalker saga. Some thought Rian Johnson would continue with the franchise, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Turns out, J.J. Abrams will be bookending this Star Wars trilogy after successfully kicking things off with The Force Awakens.

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Stephen Colbert Imagines Star Wars as Directed by Werner Herzog

In the wake of director Colin Trevorrow leaving Star Wars: Episode IX, Stephen Colbert put forward an unusual suggestion for the new director: Werner Herzog.

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Colin Trevorrow Reportedly Fired From Star Wars for the Most Obvious Reason

Former Star Wars: Episode IX Director Colin Trevorrow was whisked in on the back of his sudden, dinosaur-fueled rise to fame, but it's hard to say that his departure was surprising. Not only have plenty of other directors met similar fates at the hands of Lucasfilm, but Trevorrow's only other major film to speak of was resoundingly panned. But new word on the real reason for his removal is at once a new piece of the puzzle and wholly unsurprising.

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So … Who’s Directing Star Wars: Episode IX Now?

Disney's going to need to ... reach out to someone.

Last night, news broke that Jurassic World's Colin Trevorrow is out as director of Star Wars: Episode IX, making him one of several of Lucasfilm's picks to not work out either during production or before. With The Last Jedi still on the way in December and the current trilogy in need of an ending, that leaves us with one important question: who will step in?

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Star Wars: Episode IX Just Brought in the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Writer for Rewrites

Jedi confirmed space wizards.

Star Wars: Episode IX is still a fairly long way off, with The Last Jedi set for this December and the Han Solo movie to come somewhere in between, but Disney and Lucasfilm are already hard at work making sure that the grand finale of their new trilogy meets our expectations. To that end, it looks like they've brought on a new writer to revise Director Colin Trevorrow's script.

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Carrie Fisher Won’t Appear in Episode IX–But We’ll See Her “Brilliant” Writing In The Last Jedi Script

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy revealed that Carrie Fisher will not appear in Episode IX, despite previous reports from Todd Fisher. However, Fisher did serve as a script doctor on The Last Jedi.

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Carrie Fisher’s Family Has Approved Her Appearance in Star Wars: Episode IX

The late Carrie Fisher's brother and daughter have given Disney and Lucasfilm the go-ahead to feature Fisher in Star Wars: Episode IX.

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Disney and Lucasfilm Keeping Options Open, Negotiate With Carrie Fisher’s Estate to Keep Her Leia in Star Wars

It would be impossible to imagine anyone else playing General Leia Organa in future installments of the Star Wars franchise. Casting a younger actress to play her in the past a la Han Solo in the upcoming young Han Solo anthology film? Easier to picture. Since the iconic Carrie Fisher's death, the future of all live-action versions of Leia was thrown up in the air, and apparently, the folks at Disney/Lucasfilm are keeping all their options open.

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Amidst Grieving, Team Star Wars Sets Up a Meeting to Determine Leia’s Fate After Carrie Fisher’s Death

It's a difficult thing to think about, but as we know Carrie Fisher's General Leia Organa has a larger role in Episode VIII than she did in The Force Awakens, and her story was planned to continue after that into Episode IX. Now that the beloved Fisher has passed away, the Star Wars team at Lucasfilm and Disney are trying to put the pieces back together and figure out what to do next.

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Colin Trevorrow Will Shoot Star Wars: Episode IX on Film Because It’s “A Period Film”

Colin Trevorrow, director of Star Wars: Episode IX, plans to shoot the entire movie on film -- just as he did with Jurassic World.

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Colin Trevorrow Drops All Kinds of Hints About Episode IX, Rey’s Parentage, & Which Original Trilogy Stars Will Return for the Final Film

Despite protests from fans who remain loyal to George Lucas, Colin Trevorrow is still directing Star Wars: Episode IX, and he's already sharing some info on what we can expect from the final installment of the trilogy.

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Star Wars Fans Petition to Replace Colin Trevorrow with George Lucas for Episode IX

Never tell them the odds.

Oh, boy. A new Change.Org petition sent to Disney, Lucasfilm, and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, is calling on Disney to "bring George Lucas back to the Star Wars movies."

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Kathleen Kennedy Talks Star Wars: Episode VIII Casting [SPOILERS]

Guys, there are spoilers incoming. Major spoilers. If you haven't seen The Force Awakens yet, get the heck out of here.

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