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Red Pandas Frolic in Snow, Everything Is Now Perfect [Video]

You've had a hard day and a harder week. Fortunately there are these completely adorable red pandas to make everything better. (via urlesque)

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Amish Man’s Team of Horses Pulls Stuck Truck Out of the Snow

Here's a metaphor for the two-way relationship between new and old technology if ever we saw one. One snowy day in Pennsylvania, a tanker truck got stuck in a snowbank and couldn't move. The truck was rescued by the unlikeliest set of allies: An Amish man and his four draft horses. (Jalopnik via TDW)

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How To Survive The Wintry Relapse

Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

Hey, remember when we didn't necessarily have to wear gloves and a hat when we went outside?  When we relaxed, unbuttoned our coats, and walked down to get takeout just because it was a nice night?  Yeah... last week was great. Weather, I'm not mad.  I'm just disappointed.  So I'm going to watch this video of a totally awesome slide that some totally awesome parents built for their kids... entirely out of snow.

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Winter Storm as Seen from Space

It's been a rough winter, and it's only going to get worse. See that big, white, fluffy mass that looks delicious dessert topping smeared over most of the Easter and Midwest United States? Keep that positive thinking going because that's a massive snowstorm that is making life very difficult for the next little while. NOAA and the Weather Channel are calling for snow, freezing rain, blizzard conditions, and have even issued a tornado watch for portions of Louisiana. 'Thundersnow" is so last week. Welcome, friends, to Tornadsnow. (via Gizmodo, image from NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center)

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It Just Snowed in 49 States

Throughout last night and early today, it snowed in 49 states. As one can see from the map above, which is shaded for depth, Florida was the lone state that didn't receive any snow, winning the blizzard. Even Hawaii had a bit of snow, which fell on the Mauna Kea volcano on the Big Island. About 69% of the contiguous United States was covered in snow, and 32 states had weather advisory warnings. Basically, it snowed everywhere in the US except for Florida, which, being from south Florida, I shall gladly accept the award on the state's behalf.

(via Gawker)

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Anonymous Declares War on Snow

Anonymous attacks things from time to time; to make a point, to flex e-muscles, for whatever reason that takes Anon's fancy. Well, take this, snow. Being someone who hails from the sunny, snowless beaches of south Florida, I can get on board with Operation Frozen Vengeance. Down with snow!

(Wonder-Tonic via Laughing Squid)

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It’s Snowing Hard in London, Ontario Right Now

London, Ontario is presently being whammied with a whole lot of snow. Canadian Press reports that parts of the city have already been hit with 70 cm of snow [27 inches] since Sunday, and that another 40 cm [16 inches] are expected tomorrow, for a total of over 40 inches of snow. Wow. The city has held off on declaring a state of emergency, however.

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Russians Jump Five Stories Into the Snow

Russians jumping off of a five-story building, into an enormous pile of snow, and then getting up and running around. What sport! Until the police show up.

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