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Watch a Cook Devein Shrimp With a MacBook Air [Video]

Remember when a MacBook Air was pulled out of that envelope and everyone thought it was so amazing that a computer was thin enough to fit into an envelope? Unrelated, you know how shrimp has that gross vein running down its back? Well, related, because this cook in the above video deveins the shrimp with a MacBook Air. I suppose one can say a $1,000 computer that can double as a knife is better than a $1,000 knife that can't display funny YouTube videos.

(via Viral Viral Videos)

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Lyssianasid Amphipod: Mystery Shrimp-Creature Found Alive 600 Feet Below Antarctica

A Lyssianasid amphipod, a shrimplike creature of family Lysianassidae, was found alive by NASA 200 meters below the surface of Antarctica, along with what appeared to be the tentacle of a footlong jellyfish, the Associated Press reports.

Extremophilic bacteria living in extremely cold -- or extremely hot, or extremely salty, or extremely anything -- environments are nothing new, but for the Lyssianasid amphipod or any other multicellular organism to be found alive and swimming in such a hostile clime means biologists have to revise their theories of livability, and perhaps ups the odds of life on other planets:

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