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Not So Fast: Fossilized Dinosaur Stampede Is Actually A Fossilized Dinosaur River Crossing

For year's, Australia's Lark Quarry has been cited as a rare example of a dinosaur stampede frozen in time, the tracks this massive "running of the giant lizards" left behind captured forever in stone. A new analysis of the tracks, though suggests...not so much. According to researchers from the University of Queensland, the tracks have been misread for years, and represent not a sudden stampede, but a popular river crossing used by many dinosaurs over many years. Because dinosaurs do not wait for conditions to improve, and they most certainly do not pay to cross at a bridge. Dinosaurs ford the goddamn river.

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Chinese River Turns Red, Not a Sign of the Apocalypse

Residents in Luoyang, China were surely surprised when the nearby Jian River recently changed a brilliant blood-red. The shocking color change apparently has nothing to do with the end of days, but with chemical dyes dumped in the river from so-called "illegal workshops." As startling as the appearance of the river, more troubling are reports that it is still unknown if the dye poses a health risk or even how long the Jian will remain red. I certainly wouldn't go near it, that's for sure. See a video of the blood-red river, after the break.

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75-Year-Old Grandmother Claims to Have Rescued Five Puppies Thrown into River

Last week, the Internet was collectively gripped with revulsion when a video surfaced of a young girl throwing puppies into a raging river and squealing with glee as she did. While there was some sense of justice when the still-unnamed girl was apprehended by police in Bosnia, this did not do much for the puppies, who appeared from the video to be faced with certain death. However, Croatian daily newspaper Večernji list reports that there may have been a happier ending after all: A 75-year-old grandmother named Rose Pavlović claims to have rescued five of the six puppies thrown in the river.

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