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Remi Gaillard

Watch a Roller Skating Turtle Mascot Fail to Steal Lettuce

Turtles aren't known for their dexterity or speed. Given that turtles are slow creatures, adding roller skates to the equation only makes sense. Doing so for a giant turtle mascot, however, is just plain silly. That's apparently what French humorist Rémi Gaillard was going for, though, in his latest video. Hit the jump to watch a bewildered man guard his produce.

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Tired of Waiting for the Elevator? Live in One. [Video]

Waiting for elevators can be tedious, and down right depressing when you think of all the cummulative time wasted doing it. Perhaps we should just follow the lead of Rémi Gaillard, and start living in elevators. Looks cozy to me, but the idea of being trapped in an elevator gives me the heebie-jeebies -- even if it was an elevator that was also my home.

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Do Not Try This At Home: Mario Kart IRL [Video]

Rémi Gaillard, insane Frenchman, prankster, performance artist, has returned to terrorize/entertain the law-abiding citizens of France by staging a real-life game of Mario Kart. He did this back in 2008 and has returned for another round. Watch for the stuffed turtle in place of the classic shell (around 1:38), which obviously would have caused real-life trouble. Probably worse trouble than the traffic tickets he clearly gets. (The Daily What via Neatorama)

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