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Impossible Google Queries Come Up With a Whole Mess of Porn Thanks to Search Bug

Ah, Google. Never change. Well, okay, change a bit, but please always have strange search bugs. Thanks to what's being called an "impossible query," there's a way to make Google churn out a bunch of strange links to pornography when it should only be trying to solve a mathematical equation. It appears that Google's been made aware of this via a Quora question, but there's still time to experience the phenomenon for yourself.

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Yes, Olympic Swimmers Do Pee in the Pool

We turn on our TVs to see them, standing on podiums with medals around their necks and their national hymns playing solemnly. What we forget is that these men and women are people too; they pee in the pool. According to Carly Geehr, a former swimmer on the U.S. National Swimming Team, Olympic swimmers relieve themselves right there in the pool. Whether or not you want to think about it, there it is, medal-winning Olympians swim in a pool full of pee.

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Amazon Cloud Computing Platform Goes Down, Takes Major Social Websites With It

Amazon's elastic compute cloud (EC2) is a popular hosting platform for social websites because it provides a cheap, scaleable, generally reliable place for them to live online without having to purchase a floor full of their own servers. But a major EC2 outage today highlights the potential perils of outsourcing one's own hosting needs onto the cloud: When the cloud goes down, there's not all that much you can do.

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How Much Did All Those AOL Installation CDs from the ’90s Cost AOL?

Back in the day [read: the '90s], free AOL installation CDs were virtually inescapable, thanks to AOL's aggressive use of unsolicited direct mailing and the company's efforts to get them in free bins at stores and public places everywhere. Proclaiming some number of free hours of cutting-edge dial-up subscription service, a good number of them would wind up in the trash or tossed around as makeshift Frisbees. But for all of the annoyances caused by these disks, former AOL executives say they did what they were supposed to do: Give the company a huge install base, such that even today, 40 percent of AOL's revenue comes from dial-up subscriptions. How much did it cost to get there?

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Google Me Confirmed by Former Facebook CTO; Aims to Be “First-Class Social Network”

Adam D'Angelo, the former CTO of Facebook and the current head of Quora, has given considerable fuel to the firestorm of speculation about Google Me ignited by Digg CEO Kevin Rose when he tweeted that the company was going to launch a Facebook killer. "Ok, umm, huge rumor: Google to launch Facebook competitor very soon "Google Me," very credible source," Rose said in a since-deleted Tweet. (We've got the screenshot.)

D'Angelo has gone one step further: He's staked his reputation and that of his nascent company on a set of claims about Google Me which, if true, shed new light on the venture.

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