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All the Presidents’ Slaves: Bondage Within the White House

Whenever the issue of slavery, Native genocide, and other human rights violations come up in connection with the Founding Fathers, the usual response is "well it was an issue of time and everyone thought it was okay." Which is, point-blank, bullshit. Not only did many, many, people believe that slavery was terrible many of the people who owned slaves, also knew that it was an evil institution.

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What to Do (to Survive) on “President’s Day”

President’s Day! I mean, Presidents Day. Or Presidents’ Day. Washington’s Birthday. Washington's and Lincoln's Birthday.

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Valentine’s Day Alternatives

Not really feeling Valentine's day this year? Well, you're in luck. Today also coincides with the Chinese New Year and the American Presidents' Day, ensuring that no one the US will be able to eat out or get anything done until Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest, unless, of course, you made your plans beforehand. I think we can agree that "making plans beforehand" and "feeling apathetic towards a holiday" don't relate well.

Lets take a look at these other options.

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