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Man Who Invented The Pringles Can Is Now Buried In One

Top that, string cheese dude.

Disclaimer: this story, much like the Pringles now growing beards under your couch, is a little old. But as anyone familiar with popping vs. stopping standards will understand, there is no statute of limitations on weird junk food burial news. Plus, I just really like saying "potato coffin."

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6 International Chip Flavors We Want in the States Right Now

Earlier this week when the delicious snack food and slap to the face of a functioning space-time continuum that is Doritos Locos Taco Doritos were announced, I may have been heard to announce in a moment of jingoistic hubris that, "We live in the greatest country on the planet." In the cold light of day, it appears that might not be accurate, at least from a "snack food flavoring" perspective. In the interest of journalistic integrity, we bring you six flavors of chips from around the world. America will not be able to claim chip superiority until these are available stateside. Let's get on it, folks.

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Frito-Lay Announces Locos Tacos Doritos, Creates Rift in Space-Time Continuum

Do you know what Doritos Locos Tacos are? They're the taco shells that Taco Bell made after forging an unholy alliance with Frito-Lay, which is basically just a big shell-shaped nacho-cheese-dust-infused Dorito chip. Evidently, the two food giants decided that wasn't enough. They've decided to channel the Ouroboros of the ancient world: TodayFrito-Lay announced on the Doritos Facebook page the arrival of the Locos Tacos Doritos. Which are...Doritos Locos Tacos-flavored Doritos, which you can have in Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch flavor.

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How To Make Translucent Potato Chips That Look Like Shards of Glass

These might look like they can cut your mouth open, but they are, apparently, perfectly decent potato chips. Created by Hamid Salimian, Diva at the Met chef, these are perhaps the most curiously normal snacks you will ever see.

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