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iPhonograph Gives Your New Age Devices Some Old School Flair

If you like to keep your music-listening experience a little vintage but don't have enough milk crates -- or square footage -- to keep your collection entirely in vinyl, the iPhonograph might be able to help you out. Boasting the style of a classic phonograph (or gramaphone, or graphophone, or zonophone, or whatever) and the ability to use your iPad or iPhone, the iPhonograph is perfect for those of you who pretend to want to live in the past, but really couldn't part with your precious iDevices.

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Wedding Invitation Doubles as Record Player

Designer Kelli Anderson has taken her clients' of love of music and put it center stage with the wedding invitation of her friends Karen and Mike by making it a working record player. At the back of the (very handsome looking) invitation is a laminated page with a plastic flexidisc attached with a screw post. To play the record, the recipient folds the facing page twice, and places the attached needle in the groove of the record. Then, spin the record by hand, and listen to the surprisingly catchy song the happy couple recorded for the invite. Those with less of a DIY mentality, or simply weren't invited, can download an MP3 of the song here. Invitees can also unscrew the flexidisc and listen to it on their home turntable. Anderson describes the process of creating the invite on her blog, and the trials and tribulations involved. Cleverly, she designed the clear disk with the couple's face printed on it, and overlays different stages of their married life as the disk turns. It shows them at their wedding, partying, playing music, and growing old together. Visually clever, and sweet to boot. It's a simple concept, playing off the very first record players that used those comically large horns for amplification, but the sheer surprise of it makes it so much fun. And if you're the type to drool over a wedding invitation with a built-in record player, don't forget to support your local record store tomorrow for Record Store Day. (Kelli Anderson via

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