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“It’s Okay to Admit That Life Is Terrifying”: Michelle Wolf on Mental Health in the Wake of Celebrity Suicides

Comedian Michelle Wolf had a brilliant segment on The Break with Michelle Wolf about how much our culture of pretending everything is fine and dandy contributes to silence about our own mental health and the stigma around mental illness.

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Chef, Author, and Influencer Anthony Bourdain Found Dead at 61


The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is 1-800-273-8255. En Español: 1-888-628-9454; Deaf and Hard of Hearing: 1-800-799-4889. Crisis Text Line by texting 741741.

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“Struggle and Pain Is Real”: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Opens Up About His Teen Depression

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's powerful statement about depression brought the internet together. "You’re not alone." 

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New 13 Reasons Why S2 Intro Shows Attempt to Better Handle Sensitive Topics

People have been wondering why a second season of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why is necessary, considering that the first season wrapped up the story of the book on which it's based pretty firmly. Yet Season Two is coming, and the show seems to want to do better by teens who may be struggling with the sensitive issues depicted on the show. Take, for example, the show's new intro in the video after the jump.

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Why Don’t We Have Universal Mental Health Screenings for Young People?

The American Academy of Pediatrics has now issued updated guidelines aiming to combat depression in adolescents. Their suggestion: universal annual screenings for depression, starting at age 12.

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Gun Violence is a Mental Health Issue, Not a Mental Illness Issue. Yes, There’s a Difference

Words matter.

Gun violence is not caused by mental illness, but it is a mental health issue, and that's a small but important distinction that needs to be made.

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Five Reasons Why You Need to Be Watching S2 of Netflix’s One Day at a Time

I've been a huge fan of Netflix's reboot of the classic Norman Lear sitcom One Day at a Time since its first season. However in the back of my mind, I worried about something that I think everyone worries about when they love something right out of the gate: the Sophomore Slump. Thankfully, I had no need to worry. Season Two of the show recently launched on Netflix, and it improved on an already stellar first season.

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Rick & Morty’s Heartbreakingly Honest Take on Therapy Was the Most Painful Thing on Television This Week

"I'm Pickle Rick!"

It says a lot of about the brilliant, weird state of television today that one of the most psychologically astute pieces of modern entertainment centered around a man who turned himself into a pickle.

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Woman’s Exchange With Her Boss Goes Viral, Proving How Hungry We All Are to Crush the Stigma Around Mental Health Issues

An email exchange between a web developer named Madalyn Parker and the CEO of her company has gone viral after she wrote to her team saying she was taking a few days off "to focus on [her] mental health." That in itself is a level of honesty that has struck many as uncommon. Even more surprising was her boss' response.

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Things We Saw Today: The Cast of the Animated Justice League Reunited for a Fun Live Read!

The cast of Justice League (the animated one, not the upcoming movie we're not entirely looking forward to) got together at Denver Comic Con to do a live read of the show's three-part series finale. It's a whole lot of fun and Kevin Conroy even slips in a little musical surprise.

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Britain’s Young Royals Have a Refreshingly Honest Talk About Mental Health

More of this.

I never thought I would see future monarchs discuss their own emotional travails so candidly.

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Emma Stone Slays Anxiety and Panic Attacks to Slay the Oscar Campaign Trail for La La Land

It's easy to look at celebrities and just assume that they have it all together, especially when they look as poised and collected as Emma Stone generally does. However, they're sometimes battling through many of the same hardships that we are. In a recent interview, Emma Stone talks about how the glare of Hollywood, has been difficult for her in the face of the anxiety and panic attacks she's experienced since childhood.

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Logging Offline Helped Me Conquer a Major Depressive Episode

I saw the world that despite my efforts, I couldn’t be a part of—which just reinforced the thinking that perpetuated my depression.

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How My ADHD/OCD Fueled My Geekiness—and Why It Took Decades for Me to Get Help

If you're a woman, it's easy to dismiss your mental health as just something else in the laundry list of things society tells you is wrong with you.

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Die, Anxiety, Die! How Violent Video Games Aid My Mental Health

Ah, the soothing joy of a well-executed headshot.

Just because you’re on medication doesn’t mean the anxiety is 1000% gone. There is still residual anxiety that hangs out and likes to rear its ugly head. That’s where I discovered the joys and pleasures of the violent video game.

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#BlackComicsMonth Creator Tee Franklin, A.K.A. MizCaramelVixen, Wants Your Stories of Mental Illness For Her New Anthology

Tee Franklin, known on the interwebz as MizCaramelVixen, is all about inclusiveness in comics. As you know, she was the brains behind the popular #BlackComicsMonth initiative, which puts the spotlight on comics with black protagonists and/or with black creators (bonus points for both!). Now, she has a new focus. One that is just as near and dear to her heart: ending the stigma surrounding mental illness.

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Chelsea Manning Facing Ridiculous Additional Charges for June Suicide Attempt

It seem that the U.S. government is looking to punish Chelsea Manning for her suicide attempt from back in June.

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It’s Super Effective: Players Say Pokémon Go Helps Their Mental Health

Get up and go catch 'em all.

According to some folks, Pokémon Go has helped their mental health by enabling them to go outside and walk around a bit, which is a fairly effective method of dealing with the negative effects that come with depressive bouts.

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Space Cases and Daydreamers Join “Space-Out Competition”

Penny for your thoughts?

Over in Seoul, Korea, 70 people competed against each other in what's been dubbed as a "Space-Out Competition."

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Chris Evans, Kristen Bell Open Up About Their Struggles With Anxiety and Depression

Although actors Chris Evans and Kristen Bell are primarily making headlines these days by promoting their respective films--Captain America: Civil War and Bad Moms--they're also both taking the opportunity to open up about their individual personal struggles and the impact that living with anxiety and depression has had on their careers.

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