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The Mary Sue Exclusive Preview: BOOM! Studios’ Help Us! Great Warrior #5

Great Warrior has some new obstacles to overcome in BOOM! Studios' Help Us! Great Warrior #5 by Madeleine Flores. Take an exclusive look inside the issue—out July 1—with us!

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The Mary Sue Exclusive Preview: BOOM! Studios’ Help Us! Great Warrior #4

Take an exclusive look inside BOOM! Studios' Help Us! Great Warrior #4 by Madeleine Flores.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive Preview: BOOM! Studios’ Help Us! Great Warrior #3

We've got another exclusive preview of the super cool Help Us! Great Warrior by Madeleine Flores!

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Interview: Madeleine Flores, Creator of the Help Us! Great Warrior Comic!

All I want is a hero who'll braid a mace into my hair.

Help Us! Great Warrior is a webcomic from cartoonist, writer, animator, and Bee and Puppycat collaborator Madeleine Flores, that is getting its own monthly print series from Boom! Studios! We're big fans of Great Warrior and it's tiny, confident, lecherous, loyal, bean-like, sword-wielding, monster-slaying, lady protagonist. In fact, I may have described it as "like if Lumpy Space Princess had become the Hero of Ooo instead" to several people in order to get them to read it.

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Things We Saw Today: Madeleine Flores Joins the Bee and Puppycat Team

Things We Saw Today

Madeleine Flores, the brilliant cartoonist behind Help Us Great Warrior (think Adventure Time if Lumpy Space Princess was the Hero of Ooo), has announced that she's on the writing team for the upcoming, successfully Kickstarted, season of Bee and Puppycat. It's like chocolate and peanut butter. (Tumblr)

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“Who are you wearing?”

Pretty Pretty Princess

It's awards season, so in those moments where you can't believe the tv guide said the broadcast started at seven and that meant an hour of actors being interviewed about their roles and actresses being interviewed about their dresses before you actually stand a chance of finding out who won best Hair and Makeup (it's The Hobbit, seriously, thirteen dwarves), just repeat Madéleine Flores' comic to yourself. You can see more of her stuff here, and even buy it here. Yes, even her take on dressing for your body type. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Madéleine Flores Has a Guide to Dressing for Your Body Type [No Seriously Come Look At This]

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

This is but one third of cartoonist Madéleine Flores' guide to dressing for different body types. You can find the rest here. Also she does a webcomic!

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