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Jaimie Alexander Talks About Her Thor 2 Set Injury (And She’s Okay)

Good News Everyone!

In September we got the news that Jaimie Alexander had been injured on the set of Thor 2, but just as quickly we received, from the actress herself, reassurances that she was recovering just fine and had sustained no permanent damage. She talked about how she got hurt, and the full extent of her injuries to the New York Post recently, however, and it turns out she was out of the shoot for a month!

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Thor: The Dark World Actor Suffers “Horrible Injury” On Set; Calm Down, It’s Not Hiddleston

Don't Try This At Home

She may be playing a warrior goddess, but Jaimie Alexander isn't indestructible in real life. The actress, a.k.a Lady Sif, a.k.a. debatably the most badass part of Thor (and that includes the God of Thunder himself), has suffered a "horrible injury" on the set of Thor: The Dark World, now filming in London. There's no word on what the injury on question is or what it was caused by (did she try and lift Mjölnir? No, wait, this is real life), but apparently it could have had some very permanent effects, at least judging from a Tweet she posted:

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Get Hammered!: A Review of ‘Thor’


It's the beginning of summer 2011, and that can only mean one thing. Marvel is racing to get the public up to speed before their mega-picture The Avengers hits theaters next year, and they're determined to get us there whether we feel like it or not. One can only marvel (or DC) at the rate with which these installments are being pushed out, and try to hope for the best. There are origin stories to spool out, seeds to be planted, a host of other metaphors to be abused, all in the name of brand reproduction. There is also a slowly building meta story involving S.H.I.E.L.D. and Samuel L. Jackson being fed in low-calorie nibblets at the tail end of every one of these blockbusters. The very thought of how many episodes of high-finish CG, stunt casting choices, and clunky dialogue one would have to endure just to get to the supposed payoff of The Avengers movie was, and is, exhausting. So it's a pleasant surprise that THOR is both watchable, and definitively enjoyable.

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Jaimie Alexander Could Have Been Wonder Woman


Jaimie Alexander, who has already impressed us with her actual geek cred in interviews about her appearance (as Sif) in Thor, but now she apparently would have made an awesome Wonder Woman, too?

If I got approached to play Wonder Woman, which has happened once or twice, I would have to say, "Look, let's take this serious. Let's make her a positive role model. Let's make this a non-campy version of her." Because I haven't seen that done yet. Yet that's essentially what I got to do with Sif in Thor. I got the best of both worlds.
Throw us a bone here, universe.

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Jaimie Alexander Shows Clip of Sif, Does A Wookie Roar, Wrestles Jimmy Kimmel

Sock It To 'Em Ada

Not only does Jaimie Alexander's Jimmy Kimmel spot include a really badass Thor clip of her warrior godess character Sif stabbing the heck out of The Destroyer with an enormous sword, she's also legitimately into comics, Star Wars, and can do a Wookie roar. Also she started her high school's girl's wrestling team. Rock on. (via The Daily Blam!)

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