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Nancy Huston Wins Bad Sex Writing Award; Reacts With Class and Aplomb

Inside of a dog it's too dark to read

Last week we reported on the Bad Sex Awards, a program that "honors" not real people who have left their lovers unsatisfied in the past year, but writers who committed "crude and often perfunctory... redundant passages of sexual description" to page in their works of otherwise non-erotic fiction. 2012 saw a selection of nominees from repeat nominee Tom Wolfe, for his use of the euphemisms "generative jockey" and "pelvic saddle," to Paul Mason's "chrysanthemum." But there can only be one 2012 winner of the Bad Sex Awards, and she is Nancy Huston, for her novel Infrared.

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Common Aquarium Fish A More Badass Hunter Than Suspected

Pelvicachromis taeniatus may sound like an exotic name, but you've probably seen these dwarf cichlids in your local aquarium before. The fish normally dwell in African rivers, but are also popular as fish in domestic aquariums. When they're being fed floating food pellets, though, one of their most interesting evolutionary developments is going to waste. It turns out these cichlids hunt with a highly developed sense of infrared vision.

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