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BBC’s Zombie PSA Warns Us to Keep Calm and Avoid the Undead [VIDEO]

Highly Successful Marketing Strategies

I'd heard nothing up until now about the BBC zombie series In the Flesh, the main character of which is a zombie who tries to live (unlive?) in society without, y'know, eating brains and such. But this PSA-style promo caught my attention. Remember, if you're surrounded by a horde of zombies, all you need to do is give the government a call and wait for an armed patrol to show up and rescue you. Rick & co. from The Walking Dead have been doing it wrong all this time! (via: blastr) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Watch The Trailer For The BBC’s High Concept Zombie Drama In The Flesh [Video]

First there was The Office, then Being Human, then Sherlock, and with each successful BBC series, the Americans had to have their own version. But sometimes, like the dead rising from the grave, a long-established pattern goes in reverse. This time, the BBC is taking a cue from the success of AMC's The Walking Dead and trying their blood-spattered hands at a zombie-based television series. Called In the Flesh, it airs on March 17th on BBC Three. Far from an adaptation, though, In The Flesh offers a strange new take on the traditional zombie tale, turning it into a ruminative story of loss, guilt, and redemption -- though personally, we're hoping for a few cracked skulls, too.

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