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Harry Potter Fans Need to Go See Puffs, a Hilarious and Touching Ode to the Under-Appreciated Hogwarts House

Last week Kaila (a badge-carrying Slytherin) and I (a proud Hufflepuff) went to the Elecktra Theatre to see the Off-Broadway show Puffs, or: Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic & Magic. We all know Harry Potter, but what about the kids that sat next to him?

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Deadpool is a Hufflepuff, According to Marvel Comics Canon

And this was a very deliberate choice, says colorist Nick Filardi.

In a page from a Deadpool comic, Wade Wilson is on his merry way home with Harry Potter book in hand, patting himself on the back for having avoided spoilers--when some jerk in a car gives one of the biggest drive-by spoilers for the entire series. It's then that you see that Deadpool is wearing none other than Hufflepuff robes, thus confirming his House allegiance.

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The Hufflepuff Diaries Remind Us All That Hufflepuffs Have It The Worst

Well... at least their common room is close to the kitchen!

It's hard out there for a Hufflepuff. I'm a Ravenclaw, and I happen to know plenty of Slytherins and Gryffindors - but how many people have you ever met that willingly identify as Hufflepuffs? YouTubers Friends of Atticus know that everyone loves to make fun of the Hogwarts badgers, so they've started a new series called The Hufflepuff Diaries.

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Hufflepuff Pride Goes Gaga

This is just like magic!

Hufflepuffs have gotten a lot of flack over the years. It's always been there, lurking beneath the surface; I noticed in particular when I [and the head editor of this site] found myself sorted into the house on Pottermore. Hufflepuffs are sometimes rumored to be the stoner house, the left-overs (or "spares"); we're generally regarded as friendly and particularly good finders, and a lot of us are said to love badgers, but Hufflepuff's identity has always been somewhat more nebulous than the rest of the houses.  J.K. Rowling, for all of her infinite wisdom, instilled a strangely deep-seated house rivalry in many of the readers of her books, and it's manifested itself most often in the parodies the series provokes. Like this one, a rousing call to Hufflepuff pride in the form of a song parody of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way." So ignore the fact that our most famous member went on to be a sparkly vampire, and simply marvel in how many different ways there are to make club outfits out of yellow and black. (via youtube)

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