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The Last Gotye Parody That Will Ever Be Made (Or Should Be Made)

I'll Allow It

When something hits really big, it inevitably gets parodied. And parodied. And parodied until everyone wishes it would just go away. The reason everyone starts making parodies in the first place is because the source material was so good so it's a shame once the internet is done with it, no one ever wants to see/watch it again. So goes the music video for Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know." To be fair, the videos that spun off of it were actually quite entertaining, and we simply cannot get the Star Wars/George Lucas version out of our heads, but perhaps it's finally time to put an end to them all. Here to do it is comic Eric Schwartz. Watch as he attempts to break up with the song for good and when you're done, you may want to watch this just to keep the circle of life intact. (via Mashable)

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Gotye/Star Wars Parody Casts Darth Vader and George Lucas as Estranged Lovers

For A More Civilized Age

Good job internet: you finally found a way to get me to listen to Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know," so that I could write this post about a parody video that recasts the post-breakup couple of the original as George Lucas and Anakin Skywalker (who also appears to be standing in for Star Wars fans). There goes another pop song that I only know because of clever parodies of it on the internet. I'm looking at you "Call Me Maybe," and "Sexy and I Know It." (via Neatorama.)

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Brilliant Parody Asks What Happened to That Star Wars That I Used to Know

Hey, remember that song with the naked guy that sort of sounded like Sting and the triangles and the body painting? What if you took that hymn to mopey self-pity and used it to channel the confusion and betrayal felt by everyone that remembers a time before midi-chlorians? In short, the Star Wars that I used to know. This brilliantly executed pardody is required viewing for today. You'll never guess who takes the role of Kimbra.

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