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Honest Trailers Takes a Look at Attack of the Clones, Makes Us Hate it All Over Again

To be clear, we hate Attack of the Clones. Not Honest Trailers. We <3 Honest Trailers.

Attack of the Clones is arguably worse than The Phantom Menace (although after talking to the rest of team Geekosystem just now, I'm apparently the only one who will argue that.) Screen Junkies give it the trailer it so richly deserves with their latest Honest Trailer. It's the most enjoyable this movie has ever been.

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Nepal Introduces Garbage Tax For Mountain Climbers Because Mt. Everest Is Covered In Poo Pyramids

See, this is exactly the reason I won't climb Everest.

Don't feel bad about not being a hotshit mountain climber: apparently Everest explorers have been leaving behind supplies and "pyramids of human excrement" for decades. In order to combat Trash Mountain Syndrome, Nepal announced this week that anyone who wishes to prove themselves on the deadly slope must now pay for their adventure in garbage.

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