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World's Smallest USB Stick Holds Up To 16 GB, is So Small

Smaller than the above picture, Dutch promotional product maker Deonet has created very small USB flash drive that holds up to 16 GB. The USB drive is so small, in fact, that the promotional information has to be put onto a tag that is separate of the actual drive, attached via a bit of string.

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Vulcan Salute Flash Drive

If you've ever wished you could show Spock a little more love at the office, there is a flash drive out there for you. AudioCubes is now offering the IMM Vulcan USB 2GB Flash Drive for $35.99. The flash drive is shaped like a hand demonstrating a traditional Vulcan salute with the palm facing forward, the middle and ring fingers spaced apart, and the thumb extended outward. Perfect for those who want their data to live long and prosper (and really, isn't that the point?)

(Geekalerts via Technabob)

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