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Underground Caves, Deep-Sea Labs, and Learning Not to Be a Jerk: Training as an Astronaut

Astronaut Jessica U. Meir sat down with TMS and gave us a glimpse into all the technical, physical, and psychological training that goes into becoming an astronaut - as well as all the cool, otherworldly environments they get to explore.

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“There’s No One Path” : How Astronaut Jessica Meir Went From Studying Animal Physiology to Training for Space Flight

Jessica U. Meir sat down with TMS to talk about her career as a biologist and as one of the NASA astronauts who's working to get us to Mars. "There’s no one path to becoming an astronaut," she said. "Originally, all of the astronauts were white male military test pilots. And now the program is much more diverse."

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Jeanette J. Epps Will Make History as First African-American Astronaut to Board the International Space Station

On Wednesday, NASA announced that Jeanette J. Epps would be the first African-American astronaut to board the International Space Station as a crew member.

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Russian Female Astronauts Asked How They Would Deal in Space Without Makeup

Because clearly in space, no one can hear you without lipstick.

Prior to going into the mock-spacecraft as a tryout for a moon mission in 2029, the women (all of whom are experts in various fields such as biophysics and medicine) made an appearance at a press conference—but unfortunately, were subjected to some pretty inane questions.

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Real-Life Astronaut and Trekkie, Samantha Cristoforetti, to Appear in Crowdfunded Star Trek Fan Film

Thank you, Internet!

Sometimes, it pays to wear your favorite Starfleet uniform when taking selfies in outer space. We've known for a while that Italian astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti, who's currently aboard the International Space Station, is a huge nerd. So much that, on one occasion, she did her best Janeway impression in the above photo. Well, it looks like all that in-uniform camera prep paid off!

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Do Female Astronauts Have the Edge Over Male Astronauts For Our First Mars Mission?

"Who run the world? Girls!" Who knew Bey was talking about Mars?

PBS Space Time is making the case that if and when there's a manned NASA Mars mission, that mission would do best to be manned by....women! Check out the vid above for some great points and arguments in favor of the first Mars mission using an all-female crew.

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That Time Mae Jemison, Pioneering Astronaut, Was on Star Trek: The Next Generation

Besides being the first woman of color in space, Jemison was an outstanding doctor with the Peace Corps before she even joined NASA and, in addition to a professorship at Cornell, is currently the head of the 100 Year Starship project. Oh yeah, and she’s also the first ever astronaut to appear in a Star Trek production.

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You Thought Sally Ride Was the First Woman in Space? Meet Valentina Tereshkova

When you hear the word “astronaut,” you probably think of guys like Neil Armstrong. When you think of women astronauts—an even smaller number—you probably think of the late Sally Ride who, among her many accomplishments, went to space twice, was a physics professor at U of C and, perhaps most importantly, was immortalized in Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire.” But Ride, contrary to popular belief, wasn’t the first woman in space.

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NASA Just Announced New Crew For ISS, But Where Are My Ladies At?

It's a man's world universe.

In a press release today NASA announced the crews for Expedition 47 and 48 to the International Space Station, and sadly I didn't make the cut. (Like my letter from Hogwarts, it's probably still in the mail.) Unfortunately, not only am I not visiting the final frontier in 2016, it seems that neither are any other ladies. Spaceballs!

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