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San Juan’s Carmen Yulín Cruz Emphasizes Grassroots Donations to Puerto Rico In Light of Trump’s Disastrous Publicity Stunt

If you want to see what real leadership looks like, sadly you'll have to look beyond the so-called leader of the United States. Instead, turn your eyes to Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz of San Juan who is working diligently to not only help her own city, but to work with other Puerto Rican mayors to save lives all over the island. And she is not having any of Trump's publicity stunts.

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Homeland Security Encourages Americans To Prepare For Zombie Apocalypse (Because of Reasons)


The Homeland Security Department told us we should be prepared for a zombie apocalypse in an online seminar this past week. Do they know something we don't? 

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National Emergency Alert System Test Was a Complete Failure

At 2 pm yesterday, the National Emergency Alert System was put to the test with a message sent from the White House. The system is designed, in theory, to interrupt all television (cable and broadcast) and radio to alert all Americans of a crisis. It was created way back in 1963 to alert the nation of impending nuclear war. What? You didn't see the test? Well, that's not all together surprising, because it failed miserably.

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FEMA Judges Hurricane Damage on Whether or Not the Local Waffle House is Open

You might think that whether or not local business are open might be a decent rule of thumb for making a quick estimation of hurricane damage in a given town. Well, apparently it is, because FEMA uses Waffle House restaurants as one of several ways they get a general feel for how bad damage is. The Waffle House Index has three main points on it. When Waffle Houses are up and running full service, usually the damage isn't bad at all. If they're serving a limited menu, it means that there's some damage, but it's not horrible. If they're closed, it means you've got a disaster on your hands.

Waffle Houses are generally found from the mid-Atlantic to Florida, and along the gulf coast. As such, they are right in striking range for hurricanes but have developed some excellent disaster protocols that generally lets them stay open if at all possible. When Katrina hit, Waffle Houses were some of the first places to reopen and serve the legions of hungry citizens. Since then, they've embraced their reputation of being invincible.

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