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Texting Woman Falls Down Stairs On Live TV, Doesn’t Get Up [Video]

As you should be aware, there are all kinds of laws being put in place to prevent texting and driving, something that is often argued to be as dangerous as driving intoxicated. What it's always important to remember is that walking and texting can be just as dangerous --and worse-- really, really hilariously embarassing. Watch as this texting woman fails to handle a small set of stairs on live TV. After the spill, she stays down, but I can't tell if that's out of injury of crushing embarassment. Stay safe kids, that witty pun can probably wait until you stop moving.

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Dad's Reflexes Kick In Just In Time [Video]

Kids are tough. You've gotta give them enough space to strike it out on their own a little and make their own mistakes, but at the same time, you need to be ready to have their back at a moment's notice. Sounds tough, right? Need an example? Check out Awesome Dad here who not only manages to give his tyke free reign to practice the valuable skill of toddling, but also manages to save his kid's face from some nasty scrapes. Also, he saved himself from a car ride of screams on the way home, probably, but that's just a bonus.

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First-Person Footage of Falling Down a Cliff [Video]

This skier accidentally falls over the side of a snowy cliff and tumbles to the bottom, all while his GoPro camera captures the terrifying event. Luckily, it seems like the victim is alright when he finally reaches the end of his fall.

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