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Someone Dressed as the Monopoly Man Trolls Equifax CEO’s Congressional Hearing Because Bloodsucking Tycoons Have to Stick Together

The internet has a new hero today, and it's the mystery person who attended now-former Equifax CEO Richard Smith's Congressional hearing dressed as the Monopoly Man, monocle and all. We don't know you, but we thank you for the gift you have given us.

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Watch Who You Friend On Facebook, It Could Affect Your Credit Score

In this day and age, it's pretty much a given that you should be keeping your social networking life somewhat under control because schools and prospective employers might be looking at it. But that's not all, banks and creditors seem to be creeping in that direction too, because why let a little free information go to waste? As it turns out, there are plenty of things that creditors might like to know about you that, legally, they can't ask, things like your race, your marital status, and whether or not you're receiving public assistance. Also, having deadbeat friends who are yapping on about their inability to afford weed on their completely public profile probably wouldn't help your case either.

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