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Invisible Desert House Seems Like Best Chance Of Survival In Zombie Apocalypse

Just try not to get pregnant and have a screaming baby during the zombie apocalypse, Lori.

Artist Phillip K Smith III used mirrored panelling to make a 70-year-old cabin in the Mojave Desert into a contemporary art installation. Blending in with the surrounding desert during the day, the cabin (titled “Lucid Stead”) lights up beautifully with LEDs at night. Through art, Smith has given us the perfect example of a zombie-proof home.

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Study Shows Arizona Desert is Literally Trashy, Verdict Still Out on Rest of Arizona

Oscar the Grouch may want to consider leaving his smelly trashcan hovel on Sesame Street behind in favor of the arid landscape of Arizona's Saguaro National Park. A recent study conducted by the University of Arizona and biologist Erin Zylstra shows that windswept trash -- consisting mostly of plastic bags and latex balloons -- has ended up in the desert. Even more alarming is that the amount of trash in the area actually outnumbers the population of indigenous desert tortoises and western diamondback rattlesnakes, with the very life of these little critters on the line.

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45-Foot Paper Airplane Flies Over Desert

As part of its own Great Paper Airplane project, Pima Air & Space Museum built and flew a 45-foot-long paper airplane with a 24-foot wingspan over the Arizona desert. The plane, dubbed Arturo's Desert Eagle, was helped into the sky by a Sikorsky S58T helicopter, and upon reaching 2,703 feet up, was let loose to fly.

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