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Colony Collapse Disorder

Urban Canadian Bees Thrive In Garbage Hives

Even bees in Canada are good at recycling

Today in tragic animal tales, apparently urban Canadian bees have been doing their darnedest to raise their young in hives made from plastic bags and sealant.

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Cause of Colony Collapse Disorder May Have Been Cracked

A report published in the Wednesday edition of online science journal PLoS One purports to find a major cause for a pressing biological and environmental question that has perplexed scientists since 2006: Colony collapse disorder (CCD), which has reduced bee populations in the United States by between twenty and forty percent, per the New York Times. CCD presents an alarming problem because of bees' importance to the ecosystem: According to the USDA, between a quarter and a third of human nutrition comes from plants pollinated by bees. Further mass bee dieoffs pose a not insignificant threat to the world's food supply. According to the PLoS One report, which was produced by a collaboration between Montana bee experts and military researchers, colony collapse disorder may be caused by a fungus and a virus working in tandem.

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Study: Cell Phone Radiation Could Be Responsible For Bee Population Decline [Video]

The bee population in many areas of the world has been in a steep decline over the last four years, and until quite recently, scientists had no idea why. Were this decline to continue uninterrupted, it could spell the end for some fruits and vegetables altogether as far as farming is concerned, and would generally be devastating for produce growers. The decline has been named Colony Collapse Disorder, and parasites and climate change were once thought mostly to blame. The effect that bees have on crop growth is amazing, and their loss would be incredibly costly to the economy. The total value of produce pollinated by bees in the United States alone is estimated at around $12 billion. But CNN reported a study today that could reveal the reason behind the decline, though it's doubtful whether there's anything people would actually be willing to do in order to stop it.

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