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Facial Reconstruction of Prehistoric Hominid Dubbed “Hobbit” Revealed

The Australian Archeological Conference, hosted by the University of Wollongong, is in full swing this week with most of the event's buzz generated by the unveiling of the prehistoric hominid Homo floresiensis' true face -- or at least our best guess, made possible thanks to the facial reconstruction done by specialist facial anthropologist, Dr Susan Hayes. Playfully dubbed "Hobbit," this prehistoric hominid stood roughly three and a half feet tall, much like it's fantasy namesake. Not only does Homo floresiensis show that there's still so much we don't know about the history of human evolution, but also that our prehistoric past was a lot like Middle Earth as described by J.R.R. Tolkien.

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Cavemen Were Better at Drawing Four-Legged Animals, Modern Man Hangs Head in Shame

Think you know art better than a caveman? It might be time to think again -- at least in one arena. A recent analysis of nearly 1,000 pieces of cave paintings and modern artwork suggests that Paleolithic humans had a better eyes than modern artists when it came to capturing the complex movement of four-legged animals. Modern artists, the study claims, have yet to reach this same level of artistic prowess and continue to struggle with the ambulatory sequence of most earthbound mammals. If you haven't yet, this may be the point where you write the art school you attended looking for a refund.

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Return of Bruce Wayne Action Figures, Side-by-Side with the Comic Covers

Remember these?  The covers of the six-issue mini-series The Return of Bruce Wayne, featuring Caveman Batman, Puritan Batman, Pirate Batman, Cowboy Batman, and Private Eye Batman?

...of course you do.

Well, the actual issues started their run earlier this month, and DC Direct, the collectibles wing of DC Comics, has announced an exclusive figurine for each time-lost Batman. We've put them side-by-side with their corresponding Return of Bruce Wayne comic covers after the jump.

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