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This Fan-Made Star Wars AT-ST Replica Doesn’t Move, But It Does Go “Pew Pew”

The All Terrain Scout Transport, or AT-ST, is the two-legged patrol vehicle used by the Imperial Army in Star Wars. Here's one stationed next to a playground on the planet Earth.

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Dream Come True: Own Your Own AT-ST (For Only 16k!)

Just maybe don't take it to a forest planet, or anywhere with tiny angry bears.

Admit it: your life is lacking something. Your backyard is just a little too empty. The lobby of your office building is just so bare. We both know what you need in your life: an almost-scale replica of an AT-ST that you can stand behind and yell "pew! pew!" at unsuspecting passers-by. Well if you've got £9,800 sitting around, today is your lucky day.

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AT-ST Makes For The Best Tree House Ever

It's almost not a tree house at all, but this homemade AT-ST fort is one of the coolest things I wish I had a child. Granted, it's no Timber Wolf fort, (we use Clan names here; take your "Mad Cat" nonsense somewhere else) but it is pretty crazy awesome. It doesn't look like you'd really be able to see out of those front windows, but you probably spend most of the time inside pretending you're on Endor anyways, so it doesn't really matter. Geek dads for the win.

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