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We Can Now Make Artificial Muscle Out Of Fishing Line That’s 100 Times Stronger Than Actual Muscle

Let's hope all those robotics companies Google owns get their hands on this!

Though we've talked about artificial muscles made of graphene, science has come up with a newer (and cheaper) way to get the same job done. By using fishing line, artificial muscles have been created that operate with one hundred times the strength of a human muscle (so might as well start bowing to your inevitable robot overlords now).

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Is There Anything It Can’t Do? Researchers Propose Artificial Muscles Made Of Graphene

We've seen graphene do some amazing things, but every time we think we've seen the coolest potential application for the wonder-substance, it continues to impress. The latest impressive feat? Researchers at Duke University have taken advantage of one of the things that makes graphene difficult to work with -- the fact that it "crumples" easily -- and turned that quality into a desirable trait that they can control. By running the show as graphene crumples and flattens out, the team could one day use the substance to form artificial muscles that expand and contract on command.

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