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Original Apple I Computer Up for Auction, Starting at $160,000

Fancy auction house Christie's is presently auctioning off an original Apple I computer from 1976, lovingly designed and handcrafted by Apple's founding genius Steve Wozniak while Steve Jobs sort of sat around and did nothing. With an asking price of between £100,000 and £150,000 (~$161,600 to $242,400), the original Apple I has the sort of specs that we associate with deficient calculators today -- 8 KB of RAM, a MOS 6502 microprocessor with clock speeds between 1 and 2 MHz -- but was nevertheless a feat of engineering for its day. The unit for sale is the 82nd Apple I built, according to Christie's.

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If You Thought the iPad Was Bad: the Real Cost of New Apple Products Since 1976

The perfect storm of hype -- and strong presale figures -- leading up to Apple's release of the iPad on April 3rd have led many who see the iPad as as  to hypothesize that there's probably a price drop coming for the non-fanboys.

But even if you don't relish the prospect of paying $500 for a 16-gig, juiced-up iPhone with just Wi-Fi (more if you decide to go upmarket): consider the mighty Newton MessagePad OMP, with its 640KB RAM and a price tag approximating $1,048 in today's dollars, or the original Apple Lisa, which would have cost $21,744.85 with inflation taken into account -- more than a new 2010 Volkswagen Beetle Coupe.

Full-sized infographic after the jump:

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