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2011 Oscars

Brett Ratner: Quitting the Oscars While He’s A(butt)head

And All Was Right With the World

To the surprise of probably no one, Brett Ratner has stepped down from his job producing next year's Oscars ceremony after a public bout of verbal diarrhea. Okay, snark aside, the director of Tower Heist (and a bunch of other movies that were never meant to be smart) gave up his plum gig after using a homophobic slur to describe something as silly and unnecessary as rehearsing scenes with actors. Just days before that, he used his publicity tour as a megaphone to make sexist comments about Olivia Munn and then deny them. So, let it be known: We will now be spared an Oscar broadcast that celebrates Ratner's heterosexuality. And now we are left to wonder: Who can replace Brett Ratner as the producer of the Oscars? Um, anyone. The answer is "Anyone at all."

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What Happens When Your Baby Wrecks Your Oscar [Video]

Meddling Kids

Have you recently won an Oscar? Did you let your toddler play with it? Was it damaged when she dropped it? Have no fear! Simon Egan, co-producer of this year's Best Picture, The King's Speech, found himself in this very situation and produced another Academy Award-winning film about the whole thing. Or maybe just a really fun video for The London Telegraph. Click through for the adorable video.

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The 83rd Academy Awards: Kinda Meh


The challenge for every blogger covering the Academy Awards this year seems to be to make a reasonably interesting-sized molehill out of a regular molehill. No one movie won more than four awards, there weren't any breakout surprises, and the most shocking thing about the broadcast seems to be that Melissa Leo used the f-word. Come on.  Last year Ben Stiller showed up in a Na'vi costume. And unlike last year, the number of really beloved genre films treated to nominations was slim. Inception, the tent pole movie of many a geek's 2010 summer managed to pull only half of the awards it was nominated for, and half of those wins were Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing, the two Oscar categories that no one can ever remember the difference between. Yes, yes, unless you're in film school.

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Oscar the Grouch’s Oscar Picks

Ask a Muppet

Um, I think the real question is why we haven't been asking Oscar the Grouch for his Oscar predictions. Because if Academy voters are indeed swayed by a film's or performer's relation to garbage, then I think we've got an expert. (Tough Pigs)

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2011 Oscar Nominees Announced

The 2011 Oscar nominees have just been announced by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences. No huge surprises here; it's nice to see that Inception got nominated for Best Picture, though Christopher Nolan was surprisingly snubbed for a Best Director nomination (my bet would be that he gets Best Original Screenplay). Oh, and The Social Network is poised to win every award ever. Full list of nominees below:

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