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Mysterious Japanese Device Picks Up Ketchup, Replaces It, Blows Minds [Video]


This cannot possibly be real. No device made by man could possibly pick up and redeposit ketchup and mayonnaise with such ease — nay, grace. This must be some kind of misinformation campaign, or more viral marketing for that Limitless movie.

Assuming that the Internet doesn’t break my heart again, this appears to be an actual product called the SWITL. I don’t know what that means or if it stands for anything, but here’s some awkwardly Google-translated promotional text from the website promoting this fantastical new product.

First! Sol-gel Kuzusazu move work? Revolutionary “machine Sukuiage transferring” development! Original shape even without a breeze moves mayonnaise and ketchup

Suittohando The robot hand was soft work can be handled until now could not handle.Scoop without changing the form of ketchup and mayonnaise and other work, can be moved intact to another location.

Developed the world’s first robot hand, a wide range of industries and technologies and seeds, is also expanding its application fields.

The makers of the SWITL apparently developed it along with other related products for arranging sticky foodstuffs such as bread dough in factories. As near as I can tell, the device has a motorized metal plate that slides forward when activated. Running over this plate is a sheet of paper or some other material. When put against a glob of goo, the paper pulls the goo up and away. It’s clever, and exceptionally simple.

Too simple. There must be dark forces involved in this device somewhere. Someone needs to get a hold of one (or perhaps send it to us?), and reveal its secrets to the world.

(via MetaFilter)

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