Samantha Di Francesco as Candice Pergane in Superman & Lois

Jonathan’s New Love Interest in ‘Superman & Lois’ Has Villainous Ties

Samantha Di Francesco’s Candice Pergane was first introduced in Superman & Lois season 2, but her role has been steadily growing more significant in season 3. In the series, Candice portrays Jonathan Kent (Michael Bishop)’s girlfriend. Her introduction in season 2 was a bit unexpected, as season 1 had previously seen Jonathan getting to know Tegan Wickhem (Kayla Heller). However, it appears that Heller chose not to return for season 2, resulting in the introduction of Candice as Jonathan’s new love interest.

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She does seem to be modeled after Tegan in some ways, though. In season 1, Sarah (Inde Navarrette) was constantly warning Jonathan to stay away from Tegan and that she was bad news. At one point, he started to realize what Sarah meant when Tegan tried to trick him into giving her information about X-Kryptonite (X-K) in Smallville. Along these lines, season 2 also painted Candice as a bit of a troublemaker. She did tend to have good reasons for her actions, though they often landed Jonathan in trouble, including getting him expelled from school.

In season 3, Candice is trying to turn over a new leaf; she’s working hard to put the past behind her and prioritize her relationship with Jonathan. However, someone with a very close connection to her is now threatening the Kent family. Here’s what you need to know about Candice in Superman & Lois and how she relates to a new enemy in the series.

Who is Candice in Superman & Lois?

Michael Bishop as Jon and Samantha Di Francesco as Candice in Superman & Lois season 3
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Candice has been Jonathan’s girlfriend in Superman & Lois since season 2. Her relationship with Jonathan started innocently enough, but things went downhill when she expressed some knowledge of X-K. In season 1, the mines below Smallville were revealed to be filled with the extremely rare X-K, which can temporarily give individuals Superman-like powers. While the Department of Defense was trying to appropriately dispose of the substance, some of it was smuggled out. Jonathan became aware of this when he realized one of his fellow football players was using X-K to excel.

When he finds out that Candice is the one selling X-K to the team to support herself and her ill father, Jonathan asks her for some of it. Unfortunately, this eventually leads to Jonathan getting busted for doing X-K. To protect Candice, he also tries to take the fall for being the dealer and is expelled after being caught with 20 of Candice’s X-K inhalers. But when criminals hopped up on X-K begin committing crimes and starting fires in Smallville, Jonathan is forced to admit that Candice was the dealer to probe how many people were involved and how big the operation was.

Candice ends up telling the truth to Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) and Lois’ father, and apologizes for her actions. In exchange for her confession, she was granted immunity. Within weeks, she and Jonathan’s relationship improved significantly now that there were no secrets they had to hide. However, in season 3, Candice’s father is the one stirring up trouble for the Kent family.

Who is Candice’s father?

In season 2, Candice’s father is never shown but is mentioned to be ill. However, in season 3, it seems his illness might’ve been a coverup to hide his abusive behavior. Emmitt Pergande is introduced as Candice’s father in Superman & Lois season 3, episode 3, “In Cold Blood.” He is portrayed by Adrian Glynn McMorran, who has also appeared in Smallville and Arrow in the past. Seemingly still angered by the Kents busting Candice’s drug operation, Emmitt decides to steal his daughter’s boyfriend’s truck and attempts to use it for his criminal operations.

While Jonathan gets the truck back, he decides to confront Emmitt in episode 4, “Too Close to Home.” This is when Emmitt shows how dangerous he really is, as he assaults Jonathan and pulls a gun on Lois when she confronts him. This leads to a rare moment of Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) losing his temper and getting into a public physical confrontation with Emmitt. Of course, considering that he’s Superman, Clark makes quick work of Emmitt. Now we’re not sure if Emmitt is actually done harassing the Kents or if he’ll seek further vengeance.

It’s unclear how the issues with her father will impact Candice’s relationship with Jonathan. However, now that her father’s true nature has been revealed, she will need the Kents’ support now more than ever.

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