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The Superbus is Fully Electric, Drives at 155 Miles per Hour

A design team at TU Delft University of Technology in Holland claims their Superbus is going to revolutionize public transportation sometime in the future. The Superbus, a fully electric vehicle, drives at over 155 miles per hour, is 15 meters long and is capable of carrying 23 passengers. The superhero-named bus sports air-conditioning, a communication system, a fail safe and control system, heating, Internet, a navigation system, an obstacle detection system, a television, and all the standard vehicular attachments, such as seat belts and airbags. For such luxurious and speedy transportation, would one ever get a seat on the probably-packed bus? Chief Superbus designer Antonia Terzi explains that the bus will attempt to alleviate that issue by using something similar to a reservation system:

“Superbus will have an intelligent routing system rather than a fixed schedule. Commuters will book online or with their mobile phone, and the bus picks them up and drops them at their desired location.”

Terzi also explains that the cost to ride the Superbus isn’t planned to be more than the current prices of modern day transportation. The current problem the Superbus is facing is that it will need a dedicated road system, since the thing uses so much power and moves so fast. The Superbus prototype is being put to the test this weekend at the Dubai National Exhibition and Convention Centre.

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