Sunita Williams Is Chatting With Bill Nye From the ISS

And All Was Right With the World
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Wonder Science Powers activate! Remember last week when NASA astronaut Sunita Williams helped save the International Space Station with some quick thinking and a toothbrush? Sure you do. Like us, you were very likely overwhelmed by the event’s sheer awesomeness, and near Douglas Adams-ian goofy details.

Well, be prepared for another Thursday science-gasm, because right…NOW (or very, very soon)…you can catch a live stream of Williams chatting from 250 miles above the Earth on YouTube’s Space Lab, which is hosted this week by none other than fellow household name for pure reason, Bill Nye. In this LiveStream broadcast, Williams and the fellow ISS astronauts will be conducting space experiments proposed by teenage viewers as part of an international contest. The winning experiments, which include Dorothy and Sara of the US (whose experiment has possible applications in germ theory and disease), will be supported by discussions from Nye and the astronauts about the science behind the results.

(Video link after the jump.)

(If, unlike the Sues over here, your job is not to watch cool things all day long, we’ll make sure to have the not-live recording of Space Lab here later.)

(via FuckYeahFemaleAstronauts.)

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