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Reshoots For Suicide Squad Are Happening To Add More Humor


When the trailer for Suicide Squad was first released, our first reaction here was: “This looks fun!” And whether that was due to the clever editing, the pick of song (Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”) or the selection of scenes picked to be revealed to the world–we got the impression that we were going to get the anti-hero movie full of dark humor that we’d been waiting for. Apparently, the movie itself? Not quite as fun as the trailer heavily implied it to be.

According to sources close to the movie, the jokes in the trailer were going to be the only ones we ever saw in the movie–but when the fan reaction was overall pretty positive, the Suicide Squad team decided to go back and reshoot some of the movie in order to add even more humor. (It’s also suspected that this decision was made in part because of the divisive response to the dark and gritty Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.)

I’m hoping that this doesn’t mean that “adding more humor” means turning the film into a comedy, but I also think that enough humor would maintain the premise of the movie without making it too depressing. The mere concept of the Suicide Squad is pretty bleak–they’re operating as a unit to try and make amends for their bad behavior, but they don’t really have any other option. Besides, what else would these characters really be able to do in this type of situation than make fun of it?

(via Nerdist)

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