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It’s a Big Week for the Kiddos Who Love Chaos

Nat from Yellowjackets and Shiv from Succession standing

Sundays are for the people who just want to have chaotic fun in their life. I’m talking, obviously, about the fact that both Yellowjackets and Succession are premiering on the same day, and we’re getting a double-dose of the former with a two-episode premiere. We give our thanks to the very weird gods. What’s so exciting about this isn’t that we’ve been waiting (even though we have) for these seasons to come out, but rather that these are shows that many of us are, well, obsessed with.

Succession has something of a cult following, with many quoting the show and obsessively waiting for new content, and as we get into season 4—the final season—it is going to be oddly sad to say goodbye to the Roy family once and for all. Pair that with our need to know what is happening at all times on Yellowjackets, and it’s a real water cooler situation—imagine going to work and having to break down both Succession and Yellowjackets on a Monday morning?

What this means, though, is that all of our chaotic energy and love for these shows is going to be bottled up and poured out in one day every week, and I’m honestly really excited about it.

Yellowjackets brings back our favorite cannibals

Yellowjackets returning to television feels like a long time coming and we’re all hungry for it. Get it? Because the team eats people? The show is split between a plane crash in the ’90s that stranded the Yellowjackets soccer team in the wilderness with no hope of escape when Misty (played in the ’90s by Samantha Hanratty and by Christina Ricci in modern day) destroys their one chance for rescue.

Last season, we were left with a frozen-to-death Jackie (Ella Purnell), who died because she got into a fight with Shauna (played in the ’90s by Sophie Nélisse and in the modern day by Melanie Lynskey). Their fight was about Shauna’s baby, who was a product of her affair with Jackie’s boyfriend, Jeff.

Pair that with Shauna in the modern day killing her boyfriend Adam and including her husband Jeff in the mess, and there’s a lot happening on Yellowjackets that needs to be explained and talked out. Not to mention the fact that Natalie (played by Juliette Lewis in the modern day and Sophie Thatcher in the ’90s) was kidnapped at the end of the season!

But there are a lot of unanswered questions we all have about the future of the team, where Yellowjackets is heading, and what is going to happen in the modern day storyline.

Oh, the Roy family mess in Succession

News that Succession would end with season 4 did not come easy for me, Kendall Roy’s number one fan. But the show, which has garnered acclaim for its previous seasons, is one that should end while the show is at its height because forcing it to go on for too long would sour its audience. Returning to the Roy family in the midst of their fight against Logan Roy (Brian Cox) is going to be a lot to handle.

One of the things we love about the show is Logan’s constant need to tell people to “f—k off,” or, as we saw in the trailer, calling his children deeply unserious people. But when Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook), and Roman (Kieran Culkin) all got banished from Daddy’s money, they were left struggling on their own (at least as much as any rich white family can).

So we are heading into a season where Shiv’s husband, Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), is not on her side. Meanwhile, Logan has Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) on his team. And it will be interesting to see how the fighting of the Roy family shakes out as the series comes to an end.


Starting on March 26, we’re going to have plenty of the Yellowjackets soccer team and the Roy family drama to keep us all entertained and I cannot f—king wait.

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