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Student-Made Wooden Roller Coaster is Terrifying

Designed by Mike Nawrot and Romain Teil for a college rush, this wooden roller coaster, called The Reverse Cowgirl, features a terrifying design (heightened by the fact that it was made by college students instead of professional roller coaster engineers) in which the cart-looking thing at the top of the coaster in the picture above is where a lone rider is strapped in, then let loose across the track. Even scarier, the rider strapped into the cart is actually facing the ground, strapped into the side of the cart not seen in the above picture.

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The person strapped into the cart is not pictured because they’re underneath it, facing the gravel. If that weren’t enough, when the cart reaches the other side of the coaster, the rider would actually be facing upside-down, furthering the terror.

A comment on the Flickr post claims twenty people ended up riding the coaster, suggesting that the goal was around 200, though the commenter didn’t make clear why the goal wasn’t reached.

(Flickr via Make via Gizmodo)

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