Strange Light Over California Explained as Unarmed Missile Testing

Suuure. Meanwhile, Scully's phone just started ringing.
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If you were signed onto any social media account last night, you probably noticed the uptick in tweets and status updates about a mysterious beam of light over California—people didn’t know if it was a comet, a UFO or something in between.

Turns out it was none of the above. According to a spokesperson from the U.S. Navy, it was actually an unarmed ballistic missile that had been launched from the submarine USS Kentucky—part of a “scheduled, on-going system evaluation test”.

That didn’t stop people from wildly speculating as to what the light was even after the explanation had been offered—especially since the truth didn’t come out until after the missile had already been seen, which prompted everything from trending topics on Twitter to calls to local law enforcement.

If this is revealed to actually be a stealth promo for the new season of The X-Files, it’s genius.

(via NBC News)

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