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The Explanation Behind This M&M Casket Is the Most Grandma Story Ever

Finally, something wholesome.

M&M Casket Tiktok

Between Tucker Carlson’s concerning obsession with the green M&M and the odd Maya Rudolph spokesperson takeover, M&M’s have been in the news a lot lately. Thankfully, this M&M story has nothing to do with the product itself. This story is about a grandma and the people that loved her. Grandmas are a special group of people, as proven by one of the latest videos to go mega-viral on Tiktok.

The video, posted by Scott Roundtree in February, now has over 2.1 million hits. Roundtree and his family said goodbye to his grandma at an M&M’s themed funeral. The family wore M&M’s shirts and hats, but the showstopper was the giant blue M&M casket in which they lay their grandma to rest.

The story behind the casket

After the video exploded online, Roundtree did two follow-up videos to explain the … unique service they had for his grandma. He explained his grandma was a schoolteacher for most of her life. When she signed her initials “MSM,” her students thought it looked like “M&M.” They started bringing her M&M’s themed items and products. M&M’s became her thing. Over the years, she had so many items she had a dedicated room just for her M&M’s stuff.


My M&M grandma little back story. Part1. m&m #mm #coffin @mmschocolate #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Scott Roundtree

She loved the M&M’s thing so much, she decided whenever she passed away, her final party would also be candy themed. Working with family members, she had the casket designed and built to her specifications years before she died. Going hardcore, she even had the lining done in M&M’s pattern fabric.

Anyone who has met a grandma knows this tracks. When a lot of us think of our grandmas, we think of people who lead the family and always had a plan in place. It is going their way or no way.


M&m casket part 2 my beautiful grandma ❤️@mmschocolate #mm #coffin #mNm m&m

♬ I Think I Like When It Rains – WILLIS

It is super cool seeing the casket come together just how she wanted it to. The final product had a giant blue M&M holding a bunch of small M&M’s with her family’s names on them. Excuse the candy pun, but how sweet is that? The world seems to adore the wholesome casket. Roundtree summed up all of our thoughts in the video’s caption: “ps you were right we all loved your casket.” Grandmas always know.

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