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Can People Just Stop Saying Something “Raped” Your Childhood Please?

Mark Hamill in Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017)

I sure as fuck hope Rian Johnson has an emotional comfort Wookie or something because the extremist backlash against The Last Jedi is so to vitriolic that he deserves a Nobel Prize for even getting on Twitter.


Ahh, the ol’ [insert here] raped my childhood style language. Isn’t it great how people can find a way to be as gross as possible when talking about something they hate? Just like it was extreme when people said George Lucas did it with the prequels, it is just as extreme and idiotic now.

Not only is it horrible to use rape as a stand-in for your angry feelings about a movie of all things, but it completely shatters any credibility you have in a discussion.

In this era where every franchise is being remade or rebooted, there are going to be instances where we loathe the choices that are being made about characters that we loved once. I will always hate Girl Meets World for what they did to Angela and Shawn, but you know how I dealt with that? I never watched it again.

If you feel like Rian Johnson ruined Star Wars to the point where you have to go to such extremes maybe you don’t need Star Wars anymore. It looks like you are heading towards the dark side with all that misplaced anger.

The fact that myself and others defend The Last Jedi does not mean any of us think that it is a perfect movie. I understand why people don’t like the Canto Bight sequence, I found the Kylo Ren/Rey stuff so painfully extra, and not worth the loss of Finn scenes, and even though I get and understand the intent of why Holdo makes the choices she does, I understand that it can be frustrating to watch.

That does not equal this level of harassment.  

hate what Arrow has done to Laurel Lance/Black Canary with a passion the fire of 100x suns, yet I’ve never @’d the writers. I think Julie Plec has written racist ass storylines for her WOC/POC characters, but I don’t spend my entire time tracking her on Twitter.

We are all entitled to our opinions, we are allowed to hate whatever, but for the love of Yoda do we really have to say Rian Johnson “raped” Star Wars?

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