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Steve Wozniak’s White iPhone 4

At a recent press event, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak showed off a gadget that many Apple fans have long salivated for: A white iPhone 4. But he didn’t get it from Apple, and in fact the company isn’t too happy about its provenance, though Woz didn’t find (?) it in a bar.

Apple isn’t going to make white iPhone 4s until spring of 2011, if at all. But as we’ve previously reported, this hasn’t stopped an enterprising teenager named Fei Lam from selling white iPhone 4 mod kits, the parts for which he says are sourced from Foxconn, Apple’s Taiwanese supplier. (A private investigator who may or may not have been backed by Apple reportedly sent Lam a letter accusing him of selling stolen goods, which Lam disputes, saying that he obtained the parts legally and that if Apple has a problem, it’s with Foxconn, not him.) The proud owner of a white iPhone 4 made using Lam’s $279 mod kit: Well, you should already know from the title of this post, but yup, it’s Steve Wozniak.


On Wednesday, Wozniak suggested to CNN that the phone that he called “my white iPhone” might have merely been a modified black one.

“Could be stickers?” he wrote in an e-mail. “It’s modded — which introduces defects — so I carry a black one also.”

CNN touched base with him after Apple-news blog 9to5 Mac [this one — Ed.] reported that a reader e-mailed Wozniak about this post, and that Woz suggested the phone might be modified with a kit a Chinese teenager was selling before being shut down by Apple.

Wozniak said something similar Wednesday to CNN. “I saw a post and got in quick and ordered my set of parts,” he wrote.

(CNN, 9to5Mac via Gizmodo)

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