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Steve Rogers in Grief Counseling in Avengers: Endgame Is Certainly a Mood

I mean, same.

The TV spot for Avengers: Endgame dropped during the Super Bowl and one thing really stuck out: Steve Rogers is in grief counseling because his friends are dead, and it is relatable. As we all remember from Infinity War, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson were both turned to dust by Thanos, meaning that Steve Rogers doesn’t have either of his best friends to turn to in this horrible time.

Sure, there were plenty of other people he lost in that battle in Wakanda, but Sam and Bucky have always been there for Steve. Bucky was his best friend since they were children in Brooklyn, even when Steve was still just a scrawny kid who wanted to change the world.

So, when Bucky was seemingly gone, he met Sam and the two formed a friendship that would anger Bucky Barnes when he made his return. The thing is, these three have been through a lot together. In Captain America: Civil War, we can see how much they all like each other (even if Bucky and Sam tormented each other just to do it).

While he still has Rhodey, Natasha, Thor, and the remaining Avengers, there is something about your best friend vanishing that Steve, clearly, needs help coping with—and yes, maybe this isn’t that scene. Maybe he’s going there to get information or something, but as we can see in the TV spot, there is a poster on the wall that reads, “Where do we go, now that they’re gone?” hinting that Steve isn’t the only one still trying to cope.

Then again, Natasha also takes out her own aggression on target practice, so our faves have their own ways of dealing with the loss of their friends. Steve going to counseling though is just … so very Steve. Sure, Bucky probably needed to go to counseling and talk to someone after he got out of Hydra’s control, but he didn’t, because he’s Bucky and that’s exactly what we expect.

So yes, this is the most Steve Rogers that Steve Rogers has ever been, and it is high-key relatable. Upset that your friends vanished and you can’t do anything about it? Maybe you should grow that beard back, Steve. Just exist in your beard and wear plaid and be upset that you can’t call up Sam or Bucky and go hang out somewhere.

We’re going to have to watch all the Avengers struggling with the adjustment (for at least the first twenty minutes of the movie) and that’s more than okay by me—watching these characters actually cope and grow. That being said, someone is probably going to die in Avengers: Endgame anyway, so we’ll go from crying over one character to crying over another. We are all Steve Rogers.

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