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Everyone Is Way Too Surprised That Stephen Miller Has a Girlfriend

Women can be white supremacists too!

Stephen Miller standing against a gray wall looking like a Nosferatu glamor shot.

Earlier today, NBC News reported that Mike Pence has a new press secretary: 27-year-old Katie Waldman. But the part of the story that has garnered the most attention is the buried lede that she is also reportedly dating Donald Trump’s Director of Racism, Stephen Miller.

The entirety of Twitter proceeded to gag in unison at the thought of Stephen Miller having a romantic life. Yes, the man looks like Nosferatu filled his body with lizard blood. Yes, he uses spray-on hair during television appearances. But that’s not what’s causing this reaction—it’s the fact this repugnant twerp is responsible for orchestrating Trump’s white nationalist agenda. To think that someone this racist and smug has a dating life is just … icky.

Of course, not everyone is surprised that such a gross man can find a woman willing or even eager to offer up her complicity.

It’s even less surprising when you read the actual NBC article and Waldman’s bio. As it turns out, for only being 27, she too has quite the impressive racist resume.

Waldman is an aggressive and sometimes polarizing communicator but has proven to be a loyal advocate for the Trump administration and its policies.

During her nearly two-year stint at DHS, she was given the agency’s immigration portfolio and empowered to be the lead spokesperson. She consistently defended the administration’s policy of “zero tolerance” that led to the separation of thousands of children from their parents after crossing the southern border.

That’s right! Before she worked for Pence, she worked under Kristjen “Kids in Cages” Nielsen. I’m seeing a lot of people on Twitter making the assumption that Waldman is dating Miller only as a means of climbing the professional ladder. Which is super sexist. Women are perfectly capable of building their own racist careers based on their racist merits, without needing to use sex to make connections.

These two sound perfect for each other.

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